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The Magazine:

"Whats Goin Down"- Just to get this out the way, My name is "Youngin The Ceo " and i just recently started an online magazine named "Whats Goin Down" To Let Everybody Know exactly THAT/ Right now, im lookin for Women for the future covers, So If You Model, Sing, ETC... Or Just Network/ I would love to take one of your pics and put it on, or in my magazine. Think your interseted ??

How??? We pick out a picture from your profile (Facebook users only Please) Or Send YOUR BEST Material To (whatsgoindownmag@gmail.com), spruce it up, and use it. Right now i have Muptiple Networkers trying to get the cover (for the 1st issue <7-13-09>) So we are doing multiple covers (right now) and have people vote on it. we'll tag you in it, And the cover your on, (if youve been picked), AND every Issue after that so when people see the new issue(s), (in the future), they can still see your name in circulation Also, This is a hellofa way to get exposure/ We trying make history!!

The Market:
Our Market is Women, 18 to 23 / Men 18 to 24 (College students, really) And its basically, a networking tool within One of the most influential networking tools online (http://www.facebook.com/), it ties all the Talented/Young Artists, Models, Producers, Promoters, etc... Together, at a rate that they never would have been able to reach alone. Networkers send in there Material, we let you know where to Find/Follow them, and we keep there names in the public eye with every NEW thing that WE do. So Every Participant Consistently gets exposure. Same goes for any other talented individuals/Participants!!!

The Content OF " W.G.D" Online Magazine:

The Base:
Each Monthly Issue, Will Consist Of 20 Pages To Read, Listen, And Watch, "Whats Goin Down" (Videos, Music <"What's Goin Down" Online Mixtape 'Playlist'> And Biographies)!

"Is It The Shoes":
A Monthly Segment, Devoted To The Hottest Kicks, And Where To Find Them. ( Pics Are Subscriber submitted, AND/or Original Pressings)

"I Am The Club":
A Monthly Segment, Devoted To (YOU), in Your Favorite Party Environment (18+ Only Please, Leave The Name Of The Club Your Attending And The City/State)

"Bumpn MY Music":
A Monthly Layout, Devoted To The Most Influential/Independent Artists Around The World.

"Bio ZONE":
A Monthly Layout, Devoted To give an 'In Depth' Look At The "Featured Talent", With Everything You Need To Know About The Target, So YOU Dont Have To Do Any 'HomeWork'

"First Or Last":
A Monthly Layout, Devoted To All The Mainstream Artists Who YOU (As An Independent artist) May Consider Competition!! Plus A Grade On There Most Recent Project(s), (First, Being The Best
(Grades: 2-4 Are obviously Mid-Level )
(Last, Being The WORST, Are All Factors Leaving YOU, (The HUNGRY Independent Artist), The Opportunity To Take Advantage Of Your "Competitors" Present "LAST" Position

"Smoke Break" :
A Monthly Segment Devoted To Clear The Rumors, And Gossip, (As Well As SPREAD A little Too,) About Your Favorite Celebrites And Current Events, In A Small Enough Space To Fill Your "Haterade" Cup, And Make it Back To Your "SmokeBreak" On Time.

"You Are Appreciated":
A Monthly Segment, Devoted To The People Who Help Make, "Whats Goin Down" Online Magazine , As Fun, Informative, And 'Easy To Read' As Possible!!!

Don't Miss YOUR Chance To Let The WORLD Know,
"What's Goin Down" With You!!!

Coming Soon:
Whatsgoindown Radio Will Be Available To Listen From This Site, Or You Can Go To: www.blogtalkradio.com/Ceo-cociety
Show starts @ 7 (EST)/ 10 (MST) CALL: (347) 850-1958

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